Arrears Dashboard

Arrears % of Annual Debit KPI

This interactive report presents a KPI dashboard for arrears as a percentage of annual debit. A KPI visual displays the current period KPI, or if a different period is clicked in the Line/Bar chart, the KPI for that period.

Previous financial years can be selected as required, and another visual shows how the overall KPI has varied over annual periods.

The main Line/Bar chart shows both actual arrears values and the arrears as a percentage of annual debit. This chart can be used to select a single period, in which the main KPI visual shows the value for that period, or it can be used in 'Drill Mode'.

To use Drill Mode, click on the chart then click the down arrow in the top left corner. Then, clicking on a bar will drill into that value to show the breakdown by Arrears Areas, drilling from level 3 down to level 1. Clicking the up arrow in the top left corner drills back up.

Select a period, then click the double down arrow in the top left corner to drill down for all areas - this can show data for all areas at different levels.

The visual works best in full screen mode.

Please note - although the data is realistic and the property addresses are real, the addresses used are not necessarily social housing properties and the arrears data does not actually relate in any way to these properties.