Data Migration

Moving and transforming data from one system into another

Data Migration can be complex and time-consuming. It is crucially important that data integrity is maintained. Amber Green’s data migration service extracts data from any existing system and transforms the data into the format required for loading into the target system. By using a well-defined process and reusable SQL scripts data is migrated completely and accurately, and data integrity is ensured.

At the heart of this process is the Amber Green Data Migration Engine. This stores the definitions of all data extraction details from the source system, and the transformation required to deliver data ready for loading into the target system. It also stores the definition of data verification checks that will be applied to the the source data, the transformed data and the loaded data to ensure data integrity is maintained. This provides confidence to the system suppliers and owners that the data has been migrated completely and accurately.

Data Transformation

Data extraction, manipulation, aggregation and translation tailored to suit your business needs

Any requirement where data needs to be moved from one location to another, involving any transformation along the way. This could include:

  • Data migration from one system into another
  • Loading data held in spreadsheets or other applications into a reporting database
  • Creation of data in the required format for an interface
  • Extracting data from one or more systems for use in another application or for reporting
  • Transforming data into a format that is more accessible for reporting

Data Transformation

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